Gartner defines Big Data as “Information Assets with high volume, high velocity, and/or high variety that require new forms of storage and processing to enable enhanced decision making, insight discovery and process optimization.”

Many of these new Information Assets consist of large volumes of unstructured data (such as email, social data, GPS data, sensor data, mobile data, and audio and video files) that traditonal Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and Business Intelligence (BI) tools just aren’t equipped to deal with.

Is your business in a quandary as to how to deal with this new Big Data environment to achieve the insights you need to run your business?

Entroflex's Big Data Consultants can help you build a vision and roadmap to modernize your EDW and BI Infrastructure.

In the recent years a number of free tools to operate Big Data were developed. Among them Hadoop, Hive and Pig. They are all aimed at storing and analysing big data. At the same time an army of proprietary tools have also emerged for these same functions.

It seems that our old EDW and BI tools are no longer adequate to deal with this new environment. But how do you sort through the many new tools and options now available to design and implement a Big Data Infrastructure to meet these new needs?

Entroflex has the experienced Big Data Consultants, Architects and Data Scientists to help you design & implement your new Big Data Infrastructure to achieve Bigger Insights.

Leveraging open source tools whenever possible, Entroflex Big Data Consultants can show you how to integrate your existing EDW and BI tools with new open source tools like Hadoop, Hive and Pig to create a more responsive, cost effective solution which can yield Bigger Insights for your Business.


Big Data Strategy Services

Analyze existing data assets and tools relative to current and future business requirements and define a modern Big Data strategy, architecture & toolset, along with realistic roadmaps, to enhance and transform current EDW & BI environments.

Big Data Implementation Services

Define a detailed, phased implementation plan, including proof of value for each step, and assist in implementation and operation of new EDW and BI tools.

Data Governance Services

Big Data requires a fresh approach to data governance involving all the key stakeholders including IT and business users across the business. Entroflex’s Data Governance Services can assist in defining data governance policies and selecting appropriate tools.

Hybrid Analytics Solutions

No single data analysis or analytics tool can satisfy all of today’s business requirements for data access and insights by many diverse users across the business. A modern analytics platform combines traditional BI tools with a variety of advanced analytics capabilities to satisfy a diverse user population and enable new insights.

Custom Analytics Solutions

Some businesses have very unique requirements for analyzing and acting on data which can’t be met by off the shelf analytics tools. Entroflex’s Big Data Consultants can define and build custom analytics solutions that can be highly integrated into your business processes.

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