Infrastructure Modernization

Infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders recognize that accelerating IT modernization is necessary to increase agility, efficiency and service quality. However, most are under unrelenting pressure to reduce costs. We assist I&O leaders to approach modernization as a unifying principle for dealing with major I&O projects, upgrades and goals while meeting the demands for cost-reduction.


I&O modernization is more than satisfying the need to upgrade or refresh IT infrastructures.  Instead, is should be approached as strategic, addressing the ongoing and coordinated evolution of business processes, application, and I&O itself to create optimized value, cost and risk objectives.

Entroflex Infrastructure and Operations Modernization practice engagements typically involve the selection, design, implementation and migration of consolidation technologies such as servers, virtualization, networking, enterprise storage solutions, along with the management tools, skills and processes to move forward with I&O modernization and successfully achieve the desired state.

Some of the common goals of W&G Infrastructure and Operations Modernization engagements are to:

  • Reduce your capital expenses via workload and data consolidation without compromising performance or quality of your IT infrastructure services. Virtualization is a key enabler, not just for servers, but also for storage and network assets as well
  • Minimize waste by assessing all areas of your IT infrastructure, promoting LEAN and JEIT™ (Just Enough IT) principles.
  • Drive out operational complexity in favor of simple, more efficient approach to operational management
  • Increase IT service and delivery quality with appropriate frameworks, tools, process, and knowledge

I&O modernization efforts often fall short of expectations because they failed to plan for associated risks. Among those risks are:

  • Complex technical implementations that rarely accomplish their objectives or achieve the expected ROI
  • Underestimating the impact that operational change will have on your IT organization and business
  • Inability to respond quickly and adapt to the changing business needs
  • Disconnect with the needs of new application architectures
  • Undiscovered requirements = unmet expectations

Our I&O Modernization practice ensures that the common issues are addressed, such as:

  • Technical solution architecture and vendor selection
  • Workload and data classification, from an operations perspective
  • Prioritized candidate selection for consolidation
  • Identification of skill and capability gaps and how to close them
  • Modernized processes and workflows that geared to a modern infrastructure and operations management model

Some of the deliverables and activities of an I&O modernization engagement may include:

  • Workload and data assessment and classification
  • Reference architecture designs, with accompanying technical and governance standards
  • High-level and detailed technical solution designs
  • New IT workflows and process maps
  • Delivery and enablement planning
  • Technical engineering implementation; subject-matter expertise driven