The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming the most disruptive technology evolution since the origin of the Internet itself, with Gartner predicting more than 25 Billion connected devices by 2020.One of the biggest impacts of the Internet of Things will be on volume of data, managing data and using data.

EntroFlex cloud-based IoT analytics solution provides IoT-specific analytics that reduce the time, cost and required expertise to develop analytics-rich, vertical IoT applications.

IoT data – sourced automatically from real-world smart objects with sensing/actuating, computing and communication capabilities – is exploding, in volume, variety, velocity and veracity, as more, and more intelligent, sensors and devices become connected, in more applications and across more industries.

EntroFlex has put its considerable expertise and experience in analytics-rich, IoT deployments into its cloud-based IoT analytics solution. EntroFlex IoT analytics solutions solves key problems in IoT analytics, data management and visualization that have traditionally been custom developed for each application. These components add specialized IoT-analytics functionality to applications, increasing their value and enabling applications that would have simply have been too costly and time-consuming to develop without them. EntroFlex integrates easily with existing sensors, network infrastructure and end-user applications.

Businesses have excess of new data sources for optimizing operational decisions and maintaining both operational effectiveness and increased safety. Scada provides a software system used to automate and/or monitor industrial processes in various vertical markets: utilities, manufacturing, energy management and any other field where real time operational data is used to make decisions. However, the huge quantities of unstructured data make it difficult to focus on what’s important.

The EntroFlex Connected Business solution helps companies to identify, analyze and respond to risks to both safety and operations. It uses our IoT Analytics to integrate data from all relevant sources with operational knowledge and existing processes so business leaders can better anticipate events, make smarter decisions, improve daily operations and respond more efficiently.

Data from Different Sources:

Data from Different Sources:

The EntroFlex IoT data Analytics solution takes data from a wide variety of different sources without worrying about how to normalize it.

Fast-track Responses
Our IoT analytics automatically identify and alert on behaviors, events and patterns (as defined by system users), notify operators of issues in real-time and guide them through pre-determined response procedures and recommendations when an issue occurs.

Real-Time Situational Alertness
The Entroflex solution delivers a comprehensive, constantly updated situational awareness picture for the benefit of operators and decision makers.